What I'm working on...

Published a new book on coaching supervision

Co-authored a book with Jo Birch on contemporary coaching supervision, curated from leading-edge research, emergent thinking and practice, to evolve the scope, depth and standards of supervision in practice. 

This book features cutting-edge practice in the field of coaching and supervision, with contributions from top writers, practitioners and researchers. Published by Routledge, June 2019 as part of the EMCC’s Master Book Series.

Contact me for a copy of this exciting book: peterw1301@gmail.com

Conversations with coaching clients

Continuing deep conversations with existing clients, but also keen to connect with Milennials - what are your particular challenges? How do you need to be managed and led? How will you develop your career?

Do contact me if you'd like to focus on these (and other) questions: peterw1301@gmail.com

Conversations with teams

I worked with a team of leaders and specialists in an academy school, to bring out some systemic issues for attention by the school's leadership team.

I'm keen to support other teams with deepening their conversations, trust, and thinking.

I can also administer an excellent tool that assesses the team's purpose, clarity of goals, complementary skills, and aks if they are working collectively to achieve shared results.

Do contact me if you are in a team that would value this insight: peterw1301@gmail.com

Working collaboratively to create some ethical guidelines

Working collaboratively with AC to create some new Ethical Guidelines, rather than codes, for supervisors. These guidelines are based on core principles, values and current research, which will help to develop the supervisor’s ethical maturity when supporting their clients with ethical dilemmas.

Contact me if you are interested in working along ethical lines: peterw1301@gmail.com

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