Join my thinking partner group starting soon

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

What does a thinking partnership offer its members?

· Safe to be vulnerable (contracting and confidentiality is vital)

· Group learning, even when an individual does not have any issues to bring

· Total trust within the group for both learning and sharing

· Multi-faceted and leave energised

· Held to account and being held

· In it together

· No shame or blame and a chance to talk things through in detail

Thinking Parter group session

Focus can include:

· What questions are you holding?

· What would you like to think about today?

· What would you like to talk about today?

Contact me to join

Venue to be arranged but will be central - please contact me for dates and times.

Cost is £5 to enrol a group member; £90 for 6 months membership comprising 3 group meetings. Contact me about how to pay. Booking essential as places will be limited to 10 members, so do contact me now:

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