Achieving your goals

through a thinking and coaching partnership
What I provide


AA thinking partnership to enable:

  • executives, professionals, and managers to enhance their performance

  • individuals or groups to feel supported, empowered and challenged

  • teams to really communicate and allow ideas to flow within their organisations

My current work


  • Working with several executives to help them gain clarity, provide thinking space to reflect on their style; be a confidential thinking partner

  • Working 121 with professionals to develop talent and strengths, enhance their performance and potential

  • Working with teams to bring out the best out of team members, identify and surface systemic issues, and build team capacity

  • Supervising a range of internal and external coaches, through 121 or group sessions.


My clients

Well, there's Nick - a pioneer chemist & world-saver, who is gradually changing the way he works so that he has more time and focus on his 'big projects'.

Then there's Kevin, an ace coach who knows sooo much, and enjoys bringing his challenging clients to talk through...

Rob just landed  a top job in the Middle East! Glad I could help Rob...

Why not join these top people and also become a thinking partner?

About the thinking partnership

The Thinking Environment©, developed by Nancy Kline, is where people are really heard, good ideas abound, actions follows, and people flourish.

It is based on sound principles and the idea that the quality of everything we do depends on the quality of our thinking.

And that often depends on the way we treat each other while we are listening and thinking.

Treating people with respect enables them to think for themselves, without interruption or fear, with rigour, imagination, courage and grace.

The ten core components of a thinking environments include:

Attention - listening with respect, interest and fascination 

Incisive Questions - removing assumptions that limit ideas 

Equality - treating each other as thinking peers

Appreciation - practising a five-to-one ratio of appreciation to criticism 

Ease - offering freedom from rush or urgency 

Encouragement - moving beyond competition

Feelings - allowing sufficient emotional release to restore thinking 

Information - providing a full and accurate picture of reality

Place - creating a physical environment that says to people  “You matter”

These components can be applied in thinking pairs, round table groups, at meetings, and in wider dialogue at events, conferences, open spaces, etc.

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